Thursday, December 15, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we wish you our heartfelt  Season's Greetings and warmest wishes for the New Year!

APS, Inc's selected contributions to causes this year include

Foundation Communities

Austin Women & Children's Shelter

Capital Area Food Bank

We encourage you to consider these worthy organizations in your philanthropic planning

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Note of Thanks

A note of thanks to our many colleagues at the local, county and state levels, also to our many dedicated clients in Austin and around the US: We are honored to have forged a partnership between public and private entities which have established some of the finest developments, the most creative and unique buildings and designs.

More than a permit service, we provide a background team approach to each project. Our building code specialists, architects and engineers integrate seamlessly to insure that every client receives the time and attention from our staff of professionals to bring the development in on time and under budget.
We’d like to introduce you to a few of our current works. Thanks for visiting our blog!

Austin Permit Service/APS Code Consultants are honored to have been chosen by Formula One Austin as permit expediters and local code building code consultants for The Circuit of the Americas:

Formula One Clients: HKS and Accelerator Holdings, LLC

A New Central Library for Austin:

Austin Central Library Clients: The City of Austin, Texas, Shepley Bulfinch and Lake Flato Architects. We’d like to dedicate our efforts on this project to Mrs. Liz Faulk, widow of John Henry Faulk and cherished employee of Austin Permit Service, Inc.

Block 21; Mixed use development in the heart of Downtown Austin on 2nd St. New home of Austin City Limits:

Block 21 Clients: Austin Commercial Construction, Austin City Limits, W Hotels

Austin Police Association:
As President of the Austin Police Association, I know police officers and a little about law enforcement issues.  When I took on the task of building an association home for our 1600 police officers however, I knew right away I was in way over my head.  I had a lot of friends in the business of construction and real estate.  The horror stories they told me about zoning and permit issues kept me up many nights as we began our project.  It was during this time that I met a lady by the name of Melissa Hawthorne with Austin Permit Service.  Right away, she eased my concerns and walked me through the process that we would be facing.  As the project reached completion, I realized how easy she made a complicated process look.  I wouldn’t attempt any project in the future without first seeking the assistance of Melissa and her fantastic staff.  

Wayne Vincent
President, Austin Police Association

Stubb’s BBQ and Live Music
Client: Stubb’s

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Domain - Austin, TX 78758 | Simon Malls

The Domain - Austin, TX 78758 | Simon Malls


Lorel Hoffman worked for me as a Code Specialist in the early 1980's. She came to my group from the City of Houston.  I found her to be intelligent, diligent, and loyal.  She left our group to found Austin Permit Service.  Then I had the opportunity in serving her as she represented her clients.  She partnered with Melissa Whaley Hawthorne and they became the premier Code and Permit Service in Austin.  Shortly after I retired from the City of Austin, she  suggested that I join with Austin Permit Service as a part time Code Consultant.  A great chance for me and a successful association.  Without reservation, I recommend Austin Permit Service to all needing representation to any regulatory agency needed. 

Frank Ivy, Deputy Building Official Retired, City of Austin.

I have had the opportunity to work with Austin Permit Service since its founding in 1984. Under the leadership of Lorel Hoffman and Melissa Hawthorne, this group of professionals has repeatedly exceeded our expectations in building and land planning code interpretation and, as importantly, in the procurement of approvals on a wide variety project types in a number of states. Their work is expedient, their style is low key and their track record is near perfect. I can confidently recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. 

Jim Susman AIA
STG Design 

I have been using Austin Permit Service as a trusted partner in our development process for over 25 years and will continue to do so in the future. APS has the knowledge and capabilities to alert us to code or review issues before they are encountered and ultimately steer projects through the rigorous City of Austin process and always in a manner that meets our schedule. Their relationships with not only the development community but City staff continues to impress and we look forward to working with them on upcoming projects.

Gary Mefford
Castle Hill Partners (f/k/a Castlerock Partners)
(Effective Jan. 1, 2011 Castle Hill is manager for certain Simmons Vedder Partners assets)

If you need any help navigating the complex processes within the city, I would strongly recommend including Austin Permit Service on your team.  As an architect, and owner of an Architecture firm in the Austin area for over 15 years,  I have used and recommended Melissa and the team at Austin Permit Service on every project that I can.

APS has a team spirit and quality that is hard to explain in words.  Each one of the team members there knows the city dynamics and processes extremely well.  They are also all very concerned about each project, and will work with you to make sure that you are taken care of.  There are many projects that I have been a part of that Austin Permit service has worked to eliminate problems, and allow the project to continue forward, saving both time and money.

I have complete confidence in everything that they do, and I know they would be a benefit to any team that they could be a part of.  I would highly recommend that you make them part of your team, and I am glad that they are part of mine. 

Tony Keller, AIA
Partner, Link Architecture

“Melissa has effectively and efficiently managed the permitting process on every project I have developed since the mid-1990’s.  She is highly regarded by City Staff and Management, other Consultants as well as the development community.  Melissa is actively involved in various City of Austin task forces and commissions in an effort to positively impact the land development process for all stakeholders.  I can’t imagine developing a project without her involvement…she is a vital member of our development team.”

Brett Denton
Ardent Residential

Arthouse at the Jones Center | Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects | Austin, Texas | Building Types Study | Architectural Record

Arthouse at the Jones Center | Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects | Austin, Texas | Building Types Study | Architectural Record

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